If your college or university is a participant in the Swedish Online Project (see “Participating Colleges” page), you should first contact the advisor for the Scandinavian Studies Program at your home institution before applying. Once you have confirmed that your college or university is a participant in the Project, please follow the steps below to apply:

  1. Complete a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) application for admission as a non-degree student at Step-by-step application instructions are:
    a. Applying to? Choose UW-Milwaukee.
    b. Are you a U.S. Citizen? Answer accordingly.
    c. High School Information? Answer accordingly.
    d. Post Secondary Information? Answer accordingly.
    e. Reason for applying? Choose Undergraduate courses as visitor/guest student.
    f. Applying as? Choose Undergraduate Off-Campus Non-Degree Student.
    g. Term? Answer accordingly.
    h. The remaining questions are self-explanatory. The applicant statement can be as simple as “Applying in order to take courses through the Swedish Online Project.”
  2. Once you have been accepted, you will receive information about your PAWS account. PAWS is the UWM registration and tuition system which you will use for class registration and payment of tuition. Follow the instructions for activating your PAWS account.
  3. Once your PAWS account is activated, log into PAWS by visiting
  4. In the left column under “Academics” select the “Enroll” option. This will automatically take you to the next upcoming term, or you may need to manually select the correct term.
  5. Your enrollment shopping cart will be displayed where you can search for classes to add. Under “Find Classes” the “Class Search” button should be selected. Click “Search.” The only two criteria you need to enter are the “course subject” and the exact “course number” fields. Example: Select “Scandinavian Studies” or “Scndvst” (the abbreviation for Scandinavian Studies on the course subject drop down menu and type “331” in the course number box.
  6. Click “search.”
  7. Available sections will be displayed. Make sure you click “view all sections” on the gray toolbar at the top of the results so you can see all available sections (If you don’t do this, only the first 3 open sections will be displayed.) Decide which section you want and click “select class.”
  8. Click “next.”
  9. The course will placed in your shopping cart. You are not done yet. 
  10. Check the “select” box. Click “enroll” under your shopping cart.
  11. Click “finish enrolling.”
 A more detailed tutorial can be found at