University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Benefits to Membership

Membership fees for large companies (greater than 500 employees), academic institutions, and foundations are a minimum of $50K per year.

Membership fees for small companies (less than 500 employees) are $10K per year.

Companies not paying membership can be a Center Affiliate by partnering on seed projects with Center members.

  • Leverage relatively small investment ($50K) to gain access to more than ($600K) in research projects.
  • Membership on SWETRC executive committee to make project selections and define direction of center.
  • Ability to easily partner with universities and other companies in region to add additional expertise to your organization.
  • Gain access to graduate and undergraduate students who will become next generation of leaders in energy field.
  • Access to technology that may reduce your organizations product development cost:
    • Faster time to market for a new product
    • Lower costs for an existing product
    • New products that result from center projects
    • Process improvements