Content Management System

UWM has a campus-wide Content Management System (CMS) giving those who manage school, college, units and organization websites an easier way to create websites and update Web content.

A content management system is a set of Web-based software tools that provide an easy way to manage a website and keep it current and robust.

There are many features of UWM's CMS:

  • Content updating with a non-technical application
  • Workflow processes giving individuals rights to edit, review and/or publish based on their role and authority
  • Templates and style sheets

A Web CMS has many benefits:

  • Ability to update content without technical knowledge
  • Consistency in content presentation
  • Ability to manage versions of the content (version control)
  • Capability to have Web content updated by those who know the material
  • Control over editing and publishing of content

For more information about UWM's CMS or to get started with an account, email