Current Systems Status

Start/End Time     

05/05/2015    9:00 PM
05/05/2015    11:00 PM
Scheduled    Systems Affected: Operational Data Store (ODS)

UWM Mobile App (Course Listings)
iTunes University
Secretary of the University Evoting
Secretary of the University RSVP Form(s)
Cattrack (Course Selection on Signin)
Learning Technology Center Clicker Registration
Learning Technology Center D2L/Scantron
Graduate School Chancellor's Graduate Student Awards (CGSA)
Graduate School DAMR
Student Accessibility Center Student Database
Employee Development
Warehouse Authentication Application
SOIS Faculty Data

05/06/2015    12:00 AM
05/06/2015    5:00 AM
Scheduled    Systems Affected: UWM PCI

05/07/2015    7:00 AM
05/07/2015    8:00 AM
Scheduled    Systems Affected: Casper Suite Apple Management


05/08/2015    12:01 AM
05/20/2015    11:59 PM
Pending    Systems Affected: Tech Timeout for End-of-Spring Semester 2015

05/22/2015    9:00 AM
05/22/2015    10:00 AM
Scheduled    Systems Affected: Software Licensing Server

Any impact will be the cause of restarting the server, if needed.

Possible temporary impacts to:

05/22/2015    6:00 PM
05/22/2015    9:00 PM
Scheduled    Systems Affected: Network Core


05/30/2015    12:00 AM
05/30/2015    3:00 AM
Scheduled    Systems Affected: UWM Web Environment

The outage will impact all services on the production UWM Web Environment (, including the home page, the UWM Mobile app, all web content and web applications hosted on the web servers, the Content Management System and Cattrack.

Current System Status

UW System IT Outages and Scheduled Maintenance

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Pending    Pending
Resolved    Resolved
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