Student Records Retention Requirements UWM email and storage services

Student ePanther service accounts (including Office 365 and pantherFILE) remain open for two semesters (fall and spring) after departure from the University.

After that time, data in each service account is purged in accordance with recommended practices of posted UW System Records Retention schedules.

Per Wisconsin Stat. 16.61, Records Retention and Disposition Authority prescribe a minimum retention time for any records covered by the described series, after which the records should enter disposition (destruction or transfer to archives) as soon as possible. As standard procedure, former students’ accounts would remain open for two semesters after their departure from the University. After this period has expired, student account data is purged as is done per the practice for UWM employees.

Student employees should work with their supervisors or office managers prior to their departure to identify files and e-mails with long-term value that can printed or exported from the pantherLINK and pantherFILE servers and retained elsewhere electronically.

Student e-mail and public electronic document storage is, in general, not subject to public records retention law and the University is, as such not obligated to retain former students’ data for the six month period described here. Once the permanent lock-out date for former student access to data has passed, access to locked data will not be granted.