UITS Desktop Support: Hardware and Devices

Current Supported Hardware

  • Dell Optiplex Desktops
  • Dell Latitude Laptops
  • Macbook Pros
  • iMacs
  • Mac Pros

Service Level Agreement Clients Process

When ordering computers:
Dell Premier Website

Clients with UITS Service Level Agreements should use the following:

  1. Discuss options with your client liaison
  2. Create an E-Quote*
  3. Purchase the computers using a P-Card or Purchase Order: A confirmation e-mail will be sent from Dell with the Dell Order Number - typically a 9 digit number.
  4. Forward the Dell Order Number to your client liaison.  Doing so will reduce the time it takes to schedule data transfers, deliveries, and other tasks associated with setting up the new machines.

*Dell's Premier Page reflects the best price for configurations within these thresholds: 50 Desktops, 25 notebooks, or 3 servers/workstations.  For orders greater than these limits, please contact Josh Baer josh_baer@dell.com or Andrew Waxenberg andrew_waxenberg@dell.com .


Check your warranty