Who can reserve A/V equipment? We provide equipment and services to instructors teaching courses listed in the current Schedule of Classes, University staff for departmental use, and representatives of student groups.

Is there a charge for equipment usage? Departments will not be charged for equipment used for course instruction. However, any equipment needed by a department or student organization for an event will be charged the standard University rate. When using a mediated room for any reason, a quick training session is available free of charge by submitting a request via our web form located at www.avorders.uwm.edu. All requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance Monday through Friday.

Can Classroom Services set-up equipment up for me? Yes, we are happy to set up equipment. Every effort will be made to assist you. When filling out the web form at www.avorders.uwm.edu, be sure to select the deliver option. If you need instruction on operating the equipment please make a note in the comments section so that we can allot the appropriate amount of time. All requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance Monday through Friday.

Is there equipment available for credit classes held off of the Kenwood campus? Yes, however we do not currently have the capacity to deliver equipment to other locations and require that a staff member pick the equipment up.

Can I sign out a key to access installed equipment for the semester? Yes, we do check out media classroom keys to faculty for the semester. Fill out the required key form online and drop it off at Bolton Hall room 238 to receive the required key. Training is recommended to anyone that is not familiar with the operation of the equipment in his or her scheduled room.

Can I hook my Macintosh notebook up to your equipment?  Yes, however Mac notebooks use different connectors that cannot be connected to a standard VGA cable. Fortunately, you can purchase the needed mac adapter to VGA connection from the UWM TechStore located in Bolton Hall. If you have any questions on which connector is needed please consult a TechStore representative.

Can I use my tablet with the classroom system?  It depends on the tablet. The tablet will need to allow for video output. All of our rooms offer a VGA connection to connect a laptop, so preferably you would need to have the ability to attach a VGA cable. We have tested the Apple iPad and version 2 or newer will work with the Apple connector to VGA adapter. These adapters can be purchased from the UWM TechStore. Classroom Services does not provide these adapters. Some of our newer classrooms include the option to use HDMI. In these rooms it will be possible to connect tablets that only allow for a digital output. However, you would need to provide any cables beyond the standard HDMI cable to make the connection.