Multimedia Access

Electronic Locks
To ensure that classroom equipment remains secure, many of UWM's multimedia classroom podiums are locked between classes. Most of the podium locks have been changed to electronic locks to relieve some confusion and key congestion. To unlock rooms with electronic locks, you will need the system pass code to access the equipment.

System Pass Codes
All touch panel systems require a pass code to enter the system control. This code can be obtained only from Classroom Services at either a podium training session or in person at Bolton Hall Room 238.

Podium Keys
Currently there are 3 general access rooms that will require a key to access the equipment:
EMS E140
ENG 105
PHY 135

If you need a podium key, you will receive one during a Podium Training session. If no training is required, please complete the Podium Key request form and return it to Bolton Hall room 238 to receive the appropriate key.