What is LAMP?

“LAMP” is an acronym for a “solution stack” of free, “open source” software, the principal components of a viable general-purpose web server: Linux (operating system), Apache HTTP Server (web server), MySQL (database software), and PHP (a general purpose scripting language). The LAMP Hosting Service is used by campus IT professional facilitators in support of application servers for running pre-packaged and custom-developed LAMP-based applications.

What services does UITS offer?

UITS now offers hosted virtual servers that contain the LAMP stack for use by on-campus staff. The intended use of these services is a collaboration between UITS and campus IT groups to provide a stable web environment for MySQL and PHP based applications. Virtual servers will be created using a standard base image that can be tweaked at the user's request.

What are the criteria for obtaining a LAMP server?

  • Prior to requesting a server each school (or dept) must designate a staff member to act as 'Facilitator'.
  • Potential LAMP clients must have an on-boarding interview with the UITS LAMP administrator.
  • An Operational Licensing Agreement must be signed prior to delivery of LAMP server.

How do I obtain a LAMP server?

Contact your school/department IT staff and ask to speak to the LAMP Facilitator. If no facilitator exists contact