Telephones purchased must be compatible with the UWM Centrex system. If the phone instrument was designed for PBX, it will not work at UWM. The current State of Wisconsin Materials Distribution Services web site telephones will work on campus, most other telephone sets purchased from a place like Office Depot will also work. If you have questions, please call 414-229-5800.

Telephones with Known Compatibility Issues

Aastra/Northern Telecom 8000 Series: The message waiting lights on these phones will not work with the campus voicemail system. The Astra/Northern Telecom 9000 series should be purchased if a message waiting light is needed.

AT&T 954 4-line Intercom Speakerphone: These telephones have been known to have multiple problems including calls being cut off and unreliable line indication lights.

Telematrix 308 and 508: Both the three-line and five-line Telematrix Business Telephones revealed problems with cross-talk between lines, unreliable line indication lights and unreliable message waiting indication lights.

IBM 4-line Intercom: It has been reported that this phone is difficult to program. Phones that are physically distant from one another may have amplification problems.

GE 4-line Telephones: This phone is known to have cross-talk problems when using the intercom feature.

Key Systems

Departments interested in purchasing key systems must contact Telephone Services at 414 229-5800.

All equipment with a purchase price of $10,000 or more, rentals of $250/month or more and multi-lease agreements require Division of Information Technology and DOA approval.

Requisitions for these types of purchases must include a Telecommunications System Study Report (TSSR) form.

ISDN Voice: Fujitsu, Lucent and Tone Commander ISDN voice sets and equipment. Current contract holder is Convergent Technologies.

Message Waiting Lights for Voicemail
All MWI lights, whether built into the telephone or attached as a separate instrument, must be compatible with FSK signaling, or the light will not work with the UWM voicemail system.

Telephone Services does not sell message waiting lights. Lights that attach to the phone can be ordered at The model to order is TES856LP.

Your phone line must be set up in order for these lights to work. Contact Telephone Services at:

414-229-5800 or to have your phone line programmed to accommodate a message waiting light. Your name and phone number will be needed for setup.