Voice Mail


You can retrieve your voice mail messages from any telephone by dialing the voice mail access number 414-227-5140. When calling long distance use 1-800-862-4564.

A single phone line can have up to three voice mailboxes on it (called a 'shared extension').

A single voice mailbox can receive messages from several phone lines.

Applications offer the caller options (press 1, press 2, etc.). Applications also offer the option of asking the caller questions and soliciting a response, all automated. Call boxes allow you to leave a greeting or information for the caller, but do not allow the caller to leave a message; also known as a greet only box.

For more information regarding your voice mail, please see our tips and resources section.

For more complete instructions visit: this state of WI site.

Problems or questions about voice mail? Call 414-229-5800.

TTY users and those interested in braille voice mail training please contact 414-229-5800.

NOTE: UITS recommends careful consideration of whether full voice mail features are necessary for individual phone lines. In order to make S&E budgets stretch further, digital answering machines can be purchased for approximately $30 and provide the same basic service for recording, storing and retrieving messages. This is the same amount you would pay for just 4 months of service for individual phone voice mail. I&MT can provide information about this low cost alternative if you call 414-229-5800.