New Cellular Service Authorization Request

The UWM U.S. Cellular Authorization Request includes information required under the state of Wisconsin Enterprise Policy on Cellular Telephone Services and Equipment. School/College/Division authorization has also been incorporated into the ordering process.

This online order form will be transmitted to your Unit Business Representative (UBR) at the same time it is sent to UITS. UITS will log your order and will place the final order once the authorization is provided by your UBR.

If you have questions about the information required on the form or the authorization process, contact your UBR, or Telecommunications staff at or by phone 414-229-5383.

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3347 N Downer Ave.
Greene Hall, Room G48
Milwaukee WI. 53211)

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Please allow at least one week for order and delivery.
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I have read and understand the terms in the policy for state cellular use and will provide a signed cellular policy acknowledment form to my UBR (Unit Business Representative).