Telephone Dialing Instructions
                                                                         Effective 7/1/12 

CenturyLink has replaced AT&T as UWM’s long-distance carrier. It is important that the correct dialing procedure be used for making outbound calls from an office line. If this procedure is not followed correctly, your department may incur and be billed for substantial phone charges.

                                             Long Distance & Directory Assistance: Dial 8

                                                          Local & toll-free (8xx) calls: Dial 9

AT&T remains UWM’s local service provider and the carrier for local calls. Most local calling is free, but charges are incurred for:

     ·Operator assistance

     ·Directory assistance

     ·Calls to some 262 area code (AC) numbers

Dialing Quick Guide:

        Long Distance:

                   Domestic Direct Dial:8 + 1 + AC + 7-digit number

                   International Direct Dial: 8 + 011 + country code + local number

                  Toll-free (8xx): 9 + 1 + 8xx + 7-digit number

        *Directory and Operator Assistance:

                  Campus: 0 or 1122

                  Off-campus: 8 + 1 + AC + 555-1212

                  Toll-free (8xx): 9 + 1 + 8xx + 555-1212

         **Local Calling:

                   Campus to 414 AC:9 + 7-digit number

                   Campus to long-distance 262 AC:8 + 1 + 262 + 7-digit number

                   Campus to local 262 AC:9 + 1 + 262 + 7-digit number


         Campus 229 Prefix Calls: Dial last 4 digits of number.


* Free directory assistance is available at When calling directory assistance, dial the number yourself rather than having the operator connect you. Operator-assisted calls may be costly, especially for international calls.

 **Local calls are free and can be placed to any number within the 414 area code and to many numbers in the 262 area code. When dialing the 262 AC, dial “8” for long-distance and “9” for local calls. If unsure, dial “8” or check AT&T Local Calling area website at to verify local access.