Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System (TRS) Instructions

The Telecommunications Relay System (TRS) enables a person who is deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired and uses a TTY (text telephone) or personal computer, to communicate via the standard telecommunications network with people who do not have TTYs.  The TRS is used in the absence of direct TTY to TTY telecommunications.

To Use the TRS:

  1. Dial 1-800-947-3529 (1-800-WI RELAY).
  2. Provide the communications assistant (CA) with the number you want to call. Request any special call handling or billing arrangements if needed.
  3. The CA will dial the number you provided.  Relay will begin as soon as the call is connected.
  4. Talk directly to the person you called, NOT the CA. CAs are trained to voice test from a TTY user and type spoken words to a TTY user, following the intent of the speaker.
  5. If you are speaking, remember the CA must type your words as well as any background sounds so speak at a moderate pace.
  6. Use "GA" (Go Ahead) when you are ready for the other person's response.

  • The TRS is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  • No charge for the TRS is added to the normal cost associated with your telephone call.
  • Total privacy and confidentiality are assured.
  • Voice Carry Over (VCO) allows a person who is deaf or hard of hearing to use his/her own voice to talk during a relay call.
  • Hearing Carry Over (HCO) allows a person who is speech impaired to hear the voice of the other person during a relay call.

If you need to list the TRS number on departmental publications, please use the following suggested form:

TTY Users: Call TRS, then request your department number.

The TRS was created as a result of Executive Order #95 authorized by then Governor Tommy Thompson on June 16, 1990 and in response to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title IV. The Wisconsin TRS became operational on July 31, 1992, and was certified by the Federal Communications Commission on July 8, 1993. The TRS is administered by the Department of Administration, Bureau of Information and Telecommunications Management (BITM).

MCI Telecommunications Corporation and Society's Assets, Inc. were selected to provide the TRS as a result of a competitive state procurement process. MCI is responsible for the building, equipment, network, and technology while SAI is responsible for the people and internal administration including communication, outreach and customer support.

Further Assistance?
For questions or additional help, contact the TRS Customer Service department at 1-800-395-9877 (voice) or 1-800-283-9877 (TTY).