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Computer Diagnostic


Initial review of problems to determine proper course of action. Fee applied as credit if other services are performed.


Data Services: 

Computer Optimization


Install all necessary operating system and software updates, clean startup items, repair operating system if necessary. Install and configure UWM campus provided anti-virus anti-malware software if necessary.


Virus Removal


Remove virus and malware, install and configure UWM campus provided anti-virus and anti-malware software. Install Operating System updates.


OS Install


Install Operating System and updates. Install and configure UWM campus provided anti-virus and anti-malware software. Valid software license for OS required.


Data Recovery Less than 4.5GB


Recover deleted files less than 4.5GB and transfer the files to a customer provided Flash Drive, CD, or DVD.


Data Recovery More than 4.5GB
$120 Recover deleted files greater than 4.5GB and transfer files to a customer provided hard drive or flash drive.


Data Transfer


Transfer data from one computer or hard drive to another computer or hard drive. Subject to technician approval.


Password Reset


Reset of local account password. Some data might be lost in this process. Proof of ownership is requested.


Software Installation


Install and configure pre-purchased software.


Mobile Device Configuration


Configure ActiveSync mobile device to sync with pantherLINK.


Automated Backup Configuration


Setup computer to backup automatically to an external device. Hard Drive is not included.


Hardware Services: 

Hardware Installation


Install client purchased factory sealed hardware. This includes but is not limited to memory, hard drives, optical drives and graphics cards. Subject to technician approval.


Warranty Facilitation Fee


Provide depot service or repair warrantied equipment. We are certified to repair Apple and Dell equipment. See a technician for details.



Hourly Service

$110 An hourly service fee may be assessed when doing repair work for warranted machines with non warranted damage or for performing work on non warrantied machines. Client notified prior to charges.


Backups are used internally to secure client data, we do not provide a copy of this data and it is deleted from our server at the time of pickup.