Desktop and Notebook Recommendations

Recommended Models:

  • Desktop Computer: Dell OptiPlex & Apple iMac
  • Notebook Computer: Dell Latitude & Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The currently recommended UWM PC models and configurations are posted at
UWM's Dell Premier web site.

First time visitors to UWM's Dell Premier site will need to complete a short registration process to view the current recommendations and obtain special UWM pricing.

The models and specifications featured at the Dell Premier site have been specfically chosen to meet the teaching, research and administrative needs of the vast majority of UWM faculty and staff. Special volume and academic discounts apply to Dell OptiPlex desktops and Latitude notebooks.

The recommended models above are for computers purchased with university funds. For Dell discounts for UWM students and faculty/staff home purchases, see Dell personal use discounts. If you'd like assistance with selecting a computer for personal or home, email