Personal Purchases - UWM Students, Faculty and Staff

Students, faculty and staff planning on purchasing a new computer are strongly encouraged to do so from the UWM TechStore. The store is an authorized sales and service provider for Apple and Dell computers and carries a variety of technology products.

Purchasing through the store gives students, faculty and staff a number of advantages:

  • Price:

    the store offers the best educational pricing available on Apple and Dell computers

  • Easy access for repairs:

    Because the store includes an authorized repair center, students, faculty and staff can bring Apple and Dell computers to the UWM TechRepair center for warranty repairs.

  • Campus technical support:

    Students, faculty and staff can obtain computer assistance from the UITS Help Desk, UWM TechStore and UWM TechRepair. Our staff is very familiar with Dell and Apple and has the support tools needed to assist with the diagnosis and repair of models purchased from us.

  • Support for Campus Technology:

    Purchasing from the UWM TechStore helps support technology initiatives at UWM.


Resources for Personal Purchases