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Contact Info:

Engelmann 280
P.O. Box 413
2033 E Hartford Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Phone: 414-229-4683
Fax: 414-229-6710

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

University Architects/ Planning reports to the Division of Finance and Administrative Affairs

  Mission Statement
The Office of University Architects/Planning and Transportation provides comprehensive services to integrate campus facilities planning and space management activities, coordinate the oversight of the campus design process, and manage the expanding parking and transit opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

University Architects/ Planning

  • Provide overall responsibility for the architectural integrity and aesthetics of the campus.
  • Analysis of university space needs, coordination of space allocations and room reassignments, support for leasing space and design services for space modifications.
  • Program new campus facilities, building additions, major remodeling projects, campus renovations and landscaping activity.
  • Prepare Capital Budget requests, develop supporting materials and provide analysis for the implementation of the campus physical development plan.
  • Provide campus liaison and project coordination with UW System, State agencies, architects, engineers and contractors in the planning, design, and construction phases of projects.

Parking & Transit

  • Promote quality customer service in providing a variety of transportation options that address the parking and transit needs of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  • Responsibly manage the transportation resources and programs that currently serve and support the university's parking and transit policies and goals.
  • Continue to implement innovative transportation opportunities that reduce the dependency of on campus parking and offer cost effective transit alternatives.
  • Develop and explore creative solutions with the community that reduce traffic congestion in and around the university neighborhood and improves the physical environment of Milwaukee's eastside.