Campus Planning & Management


Roles of the Department:

Architecture & Aesthetics

Responsibility for the overall architectural and aesthetic integrity of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus, facilities and spaces

Capital Budget

Preparing Capital Budget requests along with developing supporting materials, documentation in addition to providing analysis for the implementation of the Campus Physical Development Plan


Act as the University liaison in project coordination with the University of Wisconsin System, State of Wisconsin, State agencies, architects, engineers and other contractors involved in the planning, design and construction of projects for the University

Long Range Planning

Work closely with the campus and its major governing bodies to facilitate and implement long-term planning to improve the UWM campus and its surrounding area


Programs for new University facilities, building additions, major remodeling projects, renovations, and landscaping

Space Needs

Provide analysis of University space needs, coordination of space allocations and room assignments, support for leasing space in addition to design services for space modifications and other necessities