Capital Budget


The Capital Budget, or the State Building Program, consists of projects authorized by the State Building Commission, which are funded by the State Legislature. The Capital Budget also includes the long-range planning process that seeks to identify the mission, direction and future facilities needs of all State of Wisconsin agencies, including the University of Wisconsin System.


2015-2017 Capital Budget Documents

State Of Wisconsin 2015-17 Capital Budget Governors Recommendations (PDF)

Dated March 2015

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee 2015-17 Campus Physical Development Plan (PDF)

Dated May 2014

University of Wisconsin System 2015-17 Planning Guide (PDF)

Dated December 2013

University of Wisconsin System 2001-15 GFSB Approvals and Benchmarks Report (PDF)

Dated October 2014

University of Wisconsin System 2014 Building Condition Summary Report (PDF)

Dated October 2014


2013-2015 Capital Budget Documents

Authorized State Building Program from 2013 Act 20 (PDF)

Dated July 2013

State of Wisconsin Capital Budget 2013-15 Governor's Recommendations (PDF)

Dated April 2013

University of Wisconsin System 2013-15 Capital Budget Request (PDF)

Dated August 2012

University of Wisconsin System 2013-19 Physical Development Plan (PDF)

Dated February 2013