Furthering UWM's Vision

"We will be a top-tier research university that is the best place to learn and work for students, faculty and staff, and that is a leading driver for sustainable economic prosperity. We will accomplish this through a commitment to excellence, powerful ideas, community and global engagement, and collaborative partnerships."

Projects & Planning

Capital Projects

UWM currently has 2 capital projects underway with a value of over $130 million dollars. In addition, UWM has another 5 projects on the way with an estimated cost of over $170 million dollars. See table below for project names, costs, status, and locations corresponding to the following maps. **right click any image displaying the hand icon, and open in a new tab / window for a larger view**
Metropolitan Locations
Kenwood Campus
Metropolitan Area Projects Map  Kenwood Campus Projects Map 
Project Name
Total Cost Project Status
1. School of Freshwater Sciences
Construction Underway (90%)
2. Kenwood IRC
$80,000,000 Construction Underway  (50%) 
3. Teaching Learning Studio
$2,200,000 Construction Begins 4/2014
4. NWQ Redevelopment Plan
$TBD Planning
5. Student Union
$TBD Request Design Services
6. SWQ Redevelopment Plan
$TBD Hired Consultant
7. Innovation Campus IRC
$TBD Consultant Selection

1.  School of Freshwater Sciences Addition - Phase I

Freshwater Sciences, 600 E Greenfield Ave - CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY
SOFS Construction 1/17/14 SOFS Rendering SOFS Interior Progress 3/13/14

This Project will add an additional 100,000 gross square feet to the existing Great Lakes Research Facility aimed towards Marine, Freshwater, and Atmospheric research. The project will create core support research facilities, research laboratories, teaching spaces, and collaboration spaces, in addition to making minor renovations to the existing building.
  SOFS Construction Time-Lapse Video!

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Kurt Young Binter (youngbin@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Continuum Architects with
    Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
  • Contractor: JP Cullen
  • Total Project Cost: $53,000,000
  • Square Footage: 52,515 ASF/94,060 GSF
  • Sources of Funding: GFSB - $ 53,000,000
  • Status: Construction Underway
  • Start Design: 3/2010
  • 35% Review: 10/2010 - 9/2011
  • Bidding: 6/2012
  • Start Construction: 7/2012
  • Substantial Completion: 12/2013
  • Percent Completion: 90%
  • Primary Occupants: School of F.W.S.
  • Occupancy: 10/2014

2.  Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex - Phase I

N Maryland Ave & E Kenwood Blvd - CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY
NWQ Greenhouse 9/20/13   KIRC Rendering  KIRC Construction 3/25/14 

This project is the initial phase of a major redevelopment of the southwest precinct of campus. It will address urgent Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) needs on campus through the creation of research labs/core facilities, instructional/collaboration space, and office/support space.  Links:Live KIRC Construction Webcam

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Kurt Young Binter (youngbin@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Flad Architects
  • Contractor: CG Schmidt
  • Total Project Cost: $80,000,000
  • Square Footage KIRC:
    73,900 ASF/141,300 GSF
  • Square Footage NWQ Greenhouse:
    6,800 ASF/9,200 GSF
  • Sources of Funding: GFSB - $73,400,000  Gifts/Grants - $6,600,000
  • Status: Construction Underway
  • Start Design: 1/2011
  • 35% Review: 5/2012
  • Bidding: 2/2012
  • Start Construction KIRC: 8/2012
  • NWQ Greenhouse Percent
    Completion: 100%
  • Greenhouse Occupancy: Fall 2013
  • KIRC Percent Completion: 50%
  • Substantial Completion: 11/2014
  • KIRC Occupancy: 1/2015
  • Primary Occupants: Physics & Zilber School of Public Health

3. Teaching Learning Studio - Phase I

NWQ, E Hartford Ave and N Maryland Ave
Finished Classroom Concept Model NWQ Teaching and Learning Center

This project aims to address the classroom shortage and instructional technology gap by creating 9,400 ASF of new classroom learning space. These spaces will provide an active learning environment in five classrooms, including two computer classrooms, and Panther Academic Support Services (PASS).

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Karen Wolfert (wolfertk@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Kindness Architecture & Planning
  • Contractor: Miron, J&H Heating, HJ Pertzborn,
    Communications Engineering, WIL-Surge Electric
  • Total Project Cost: $2,200,000
  • Sources of Funding: Capital Budget - $1,750,000
    UWM Funds - $450,000
  • Status - Construction Underway
  • Start Design: 11/2012
  • Square Footage: 9,400 ASF/13,000 GSF
  • 35% Review: Complete
  • Bidding: December 12/2013
  • Start Construction: 4/2014
  • Substantial Completion: TBD
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Primary Occupants: General
    Assignment Classrooms
  • Occupancy: 2014/15
Work Completed Past Month:
  • Contracts assigned
Work Planned This Month:
  • Begin construction

4. Northwest Quadrant Redevelopment Plan and Pre-Design

NWQ, E Hartford Ave and N Maryland Ave
NWQ from Northeast 
NWQ Rendering 
NWQ Rendering Outside  
This project is a redevelopment plan to transform the Northwest Quadrant from hospital space to higher education space. The project is currently in planning, and will be completed in the closing months of 2013. A space planning study was completed in July 2011 (NWQ Space Planning Study). The UWM Campus reviewed the plan in Fall of 2011.
NWQ Pre-Designs:

  • School of Education
  • Restaurant Operations & Town Square
  • Student Health Center
  • Teaching, Learning Center    
  • School of Information Studies
  • Honors College
  • College of Health Sciences
  • Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Karen Wolfert (wolfertk@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Quorum Architects, Inc.
  • Contractor: N.A.
  • Total Project Cost: N.A.
  • Sources of Funding: UW Milwaukee
  • Status: Planning & Pre-Design
  • Start Design: 4/2012
  • 35% Review: N.A.
  • Completion: 4/2013
  • Start Construction: N.A.
  • Substantial Completion: N.A.
  • Percent Completion: N.A.
  • Primary Occupants: School of Education,
    Helen Bader School of Social Welfare,
    Restaurant Operations, School of
    Information Studies, Honors College,
    College of Health Sciences,
    Teaching Learning Center
  • Occupancy: TBD
Work Ongoing Past Month:
  • Redevelopment Planning
  • Student Health Center Pre-Design
  • College of Health Science Pre-Design
  • School of Education Pre-Design
  • Teaching Learning Center Pre-Design
  • Restaurant Ops/Town Square Pre-Design
Work Planned This Month:
  • Redevelopment Planning 12/13
  • Student Health Center Pre-Design - Complete 12/13
  • College of Health Sciences Pre-Design: Complete 12/13
  • School of Education Pre-Design: Complete 12/13
  • Restaurant Operations & Town Square Pre-Design: Complete 12/13
  • Teaching Learning Center Pre-Design: Complete 12/13
  • School of Information Studies: Complete 12/13
  • Helen Bader School of Social Welfare Pre-Design: Complete 12/13
  • Honors College Pre-Design: Complete 12/13

5. Union

Union, 2200 E Kenwood Blvd
 Union Front Stairway  Union Main Entrance Driveway


The state of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee are in the process of moving forward to hire a consultant to fulfill pre-design for the new Student Union Project. This process should be completed within the next several months (Updated: 1/10/2013).

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Lora Strigens (lstrig@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: TBD
  • Sources of Funding: TBD
  • Status: Hired Consultant
  • Start Design: TBD
  • 35% Review: TBD
  • Bidding: TBD
  • Start Construction: TBD
  • Substantial Completion: TBD
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Primary Occupants: Students
  • Occupancy: TBD
Work Completed Past Month:
  • Hired Consultant
Work Planned This Month:
  • TBD

6. Southwest Quadrant Redevelopment Plan

SWQ, E Kenwood Blvd between Cramer St & N Maryland Ave
STEM Quad Map
New SWQ Buildings (STEM)
EMS Building

The state of Wisconsin and UW Milwaukee have hired a consultant to facilitate planning for the Southwest Quadrant Redevelopment Plan. This project will aim to add to, and improve the research growth and education programs for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) located at the Southwest Quadrant of campus.

Project Information:
  • UWM Project Manager: Karen Wolfert (wolfertk@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: Aro Eberle/Ballinger Architects
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: TBD
  • Sources of Funding: TBD
  • Status: Pre-Design
  • Start Planning: 5/2013
  • 35% Review: TBD
  • Bidding: TBD
  • Start: Summer 2013
  • Substantial Completion: TBD
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Primary Occupants: TBD
  • Completion: 2014
Work Completed Past Month:
  • TBD
Work Planned This Month:
  • TBD

7. Innovation Campus Integrated Research Center

Innovation Park, N Swan Blvd and W Watertown Plank Rd, Wauwatosa
Innovation Campus Neighborhood Innovation Campus Google Map

This project will create a 150,000 GSF multi-disciplinary academic research facility focusing on medical research, with a concentration in bio-medical engineering. The land for the IRC project is owned by the UWM Real Estate Foundation, and will be donated to UWM. The facility will take advantage of its proximity to the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center and its members to foster collaboration between UWM and private sector businesses/institutions, leading to academic and transitional opportunities.

Project Information:
  • UWM Project Manager: Lora Strigens (lstrig@uwm.edu)
  • Architect: TBD
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: $75,000,000
  • Sources of Funding: GFSB
  • Status: Consultant Selection
  • Start Planning: 10/2013
  • 35% Review: TBD
  • Bidding: 10/2015
  • Start Construction: 01/2016
  • Substantial Completion: 9/2017
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Primary Occupants: Engineering, College of Health Sciences
  • Occupancy: 12/2017
Work Completed Past Month:
  • TBD
Work Planned This Month:
  • TBD

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Capital Planning

2015-17 Capital Budget Plan

2015-17 UWM Capital Budget Integrated Planning Process (4/26/13) 
The planning cycle for the 2015-17 Capital Budget launched in Spring 2012. Campus is coordinating with the UW System regarding process guidelines and scheduling. Our prioritized campus planning Issues list was submitted to UW System in June 2013. Issues being addressed include the campus wide space deficit, sub-quality research labs and facilities, and various other inadequacies relating to space needs and classroom sufficiency.  Evaluation, refined prioritization, and alternative solutions to Issues were evaluated throughout the Summer and Fall of 2013. The campus Physical Environment Committee (PEC) receives all materials in advance of submissions to UW System. More information can be found at: http://www4.uwm.edu/uap/budget/

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All Agency & Performance Contracts (Select Projects)

 Electrical, HVAC, IT, Mechanical & Plumbing Projects

Heat Plant Oil Tank Leak Containment Replacement: #12B1G

Heating Plant, 3359 N Downer Ave

Ayres Associates

This project will replace the leak monitoring system and components of leak containment devices for the four underground oil storage tanks at the Central Heat Plant. Project is currently in design with construction set to begin Summer '14. Contact Andy Nelson (229-4013) for more information.

HVAC Improvements to Downer Buildings: #10A3I

Greene, Holton, Johnston, and Merrill Hall(s), N Downer Ave at E Hartford Ave

$8,898,500 ($ 8,611,000 GFSB, $ 287,500 PR Cash)
Henneman Engineering, Inc.

This project replaces the majority of the air handling and air distribution systems including renewal of affected building finishes to improve functionality, operations, and ventilation within the four Downer buildings (Greene, Holton, Johnston, Merrill). Project work includes replacing the air handling units, most of the air distribution system, and portions of the temperature control system within the buildings. This project also replaces lighting and suspended acoustical ceilings in areas where new air distribution will be provided. This project was approved by the State Building Commission in February 2010 and design is under way. A budget increase of $287,500 was approved by the Board of Regents and State Building Commission in November 2010 to add floor replacement and painting scope to the project. Construction is currently underway. Contact Andy Nelson (229-4013) for more information.

NWQ Central Utility Extension: #11A3M-02

Northwest Quadrant, 3300 N Maryland Ave

Ring & DuChateau Inc./Miron Construction

This project provides design services to extend central campus utilities (steam and chilled water) to connection points within the Northwest Quadrant (former Columbia St Mary's Hospital complex) buildings. All central utilities except the primary electric service will be energized as part of this project. Phase 1 of this project is complete, and Phase 2 is now in design. Construction is set to begin in the Spring of '14. Contact Andy Nelson (229-4013) for more information.

NWQ Fire Alarm & Telecommunications Updates: #12B1R

Northwest Quadrant, 3300 N Maryland Ave

Ring & DuChateau

This project provides updates to the fire alarm and telecommunication systems (phone & internet) within the Northwest Quadrant buildings. The project was bid on in the spring of 2013, and is currently underway. Project is scheduled to complete in the Spring of 2014. Contact Andy Nelson (229-4013) for more information.

Building Projects

Aquaculture Development

Great Lakes Research Facility, 600 E Greenfield Ave

$ 703,000
Contractor TBD
This project renovates 5,000 square feet of underutilized space in the Great Lakes Research Facility to create a flexible aquaculture training and research laboratory. Project work includes constructing a new partition wall enclosure for the project area and extending mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services into the project area.

Code Compliance & Improvements, USR

University Services and Research Building, 115 E Reindl Way

TWP Architecture

This project provides pre-design services to assess current code compliance, evaluate building access and propose improvements, and provide a space layout for future occupant needs without requiring building expansion. It is anticipated that USR requires a common entry point, new circulation framework, and a new space layout to meet the current and future program needs. Code investigation will include, but not be limited to, accessibility, egress, emergency lighting and power, fire alarm and smoke detection systems, and restroom requirements. This project is currently out for bid, with construction expected to begin Spring '14. Contact Alex Alexopoulos (229-4143) for more information.

Elevator Renovations

Bolton Hall, Golda Meir Library , Mitchell Hall, and NWQ

$ 4,216,000
American Design, Inc.
This project replaces two elevators in Bolton Hall, one elevator in Golda Meir Library, one hydraulic passenger elevator in Mitchell Hall, and 9 elevators in the NWQ buildings to reduce repairs, improve reliability, and reduce energy use. Approved by the State Building Commission in November 2010, consultant selection took place in December 2010, and construction is currently underway (Updated 2/13). Contact Andy Nelson (229-4013) for more information.

Exterior Envelope Repairs

Sandburg Hall, North/South/West Towers, 3400 N Maryland Ave

$ 906,000 (PRSB)
Contractor TBD
This project repairs the exterior masonry envelope for Sandburg Hall north, south, and west towers to reduce moisture infiltration, allow normal expansion and contraction of building materials and assemblies, and eliminate a serious life safety issue.

Roofing Projects

Chapman Hall Roof Bid Envelope Assessment: #11H1V-01

Chapman Hall, 2310 E Hartford Ave

M&E Architects and Engineers

This project will replace the Chapman Hall roof as well as assess building envelope components including masonry, window sills, soffit, and gutters. Project is currently in bidding, and should reach construction in the coming months. Contact Andy Nelson (229-4013) for more information.

South Tower Roof Replacement

Sandburg Hall, 3400 N Maryland Ave

Contractor TBD

This project replaces roof coverings and completes all other associated ancillary work to maintain the building envelope integrity and prevent damage to the building and its contents. Work will include replacing 6,000 square feet of roof covering with a new roofing membrane, which will utilize existing insulation as well as new insulation. The current roof sections are more than 33 years old and require replacement to address current leaking, weathered, worn, and/or damaged sections in order to extend the life of the roof.

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