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Monte Eady - Tech Store Sales Associate

Monte helping a Tech Store PatronFor Monte Eady, Working for UITS is about learning.  “I’m always learning something new every day,” he said.

As a senior in UWM’s Graphic Design program and a Sales Associate at the new UWM Tech Store, Monte is immersed in technology throughout the day.  “The Tech Store is an awesome new place,” Monte said, “We are making life a little bit easier for the parents of incoming freshmen, students, and also the faculty. They can purchase their Apple or Dell computer and also get them serviced through our Tech Repair Center.”

The Tech Store, which opened on June 1st, provides UWM students with another great resource for their technology needs.  Apple and Dell laptops and desktops can be purchased at discount prices and can be repaired on campus at the new Tech Repair Center.

By working in both the Tech Store and the Tech Repair Center, Monte has been able to pick up many useful skills, and is being trained to receive an Apple Repair Certification. 

Still, though Monte is receiving a great deal of technical training at UITS, he also values the other skills he is learning, noting that working with UITS has helped his communication abilities, which could help with a future career. 

“I would like to work for a graphic design company and travel to speak to big companies about new designs that will benefit and help they’re marketing,” he said.  “Whatever you get out of working for UITS, you will use later on in life, or at the next job. “

Like many student employees, the Tech Store wasn’t Monte’s first position with UITS.  Monte started his time with UITS as a consultant in the Help Desk.  “I was a little nervous in the beginning because I had to help people over the phone and not in person. As the days went on, and the more calls I received, the better I got at helping the students and faculty on campus.”

Monte and Pounce PantherFrom there, he moved on to Desktop Support where he was trained to provide Mac support, which opened opportunities when Monte wanted to work in the Tech Store.  “There is always room for advancement. If you have accomplished everything in your position, there are other departments within UITS,” Monte stated.

While being able to advance within the organization is a major benefit, Monte also pointed out several other benefits of the organization, including its diversity, open environment, and flexibility.  “UITS works around your classes, making life as student and a employee easier,” he said.
“I love working here. The people are cool. I’m always learning something new everyday. The best part is when customers are satisfied and know that you have helped them.”

Monte Eady is just one of the many working students, working with technology in UITS.