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Congratulations Ian Gunther of Tech Repair!



"Ian works hard and gets the job done well under pressure. He strives for excellence and perfection." -Johnathon Biersack, Tech Repair supervisor

Who do you look up to most?

Carl Sagan

What makes you laugh?
British comedy (IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, That Mitchell and Webb Look, etc.)


What is your favorite color?



Where are you originally from?

Milwaukee, but my father is from London


How do you feel becoming employee of the week has affected your life?

I've never received an award for the work I've done in past jobs, so it's exciting to be recognized finally for my work ethic. I've only been working for about 6 months at UITS, and it definitely makes me feel welcome and proud that I work with such great people.


Do you have any advice to give the rest of us as to how we can improve ourselves at work?

I think the best thing I've learned from working in IT is to take on more responsibilities and initiative. Ask your supervisor what you can do to male things easier in your department. Be creative and come up with projects to perform that would improve the work environment. There's a Japanese word for this sort of continuous improvement: Kaizen.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for your success as employee of the week?

I would like to thank Ashley Knowles and Johnathon Biersack (Desktop Support, and Tech Repair supervisor, respectively). Both helped me extensively in training to obtain my Apple Mac certifications, without them both I would not have been able to get certified so swiftly.