University Safety and Assurances

Animal Care Program


  • To provide for the care, health and well-being of animals used for research and education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee;
  • To administer to the animal-related needs of University researchers and educators through dissemination of knowledge and resources;
  • To serve the public by ensuring observance of all legal and ethical standards pertaining to the use of animals for research and education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Animal Care

Listed Below are the Top 5 Things You Need
to Know if You'll be Working with Animals

  1. Animals used in research, teaching or testing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee must be included in an approved protocol on file with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.
  2. You must take part in the Animal Care Program Certification process and pass the on-line test before working with any animals. You must also take part in the Occupational Health Program. Individuals who have contact with mammals or birds or their tissues must complete the “Animal Care Program Occupational Health Questionnaire” prior to being exposed to the animals or tissues.
  3. Ways to minimize pain and distress in animals by:
  4. Be aware of the various laws and guidelines that affect animal use at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  5. Know who to contact for questions about: