University Safety and Assurances

Per Diem Rates

Species Per Unit Rate ($)
UWM Users

Guinea Pig (suspended cages, paired animals) per day 0.723

Guinea Pig (shoebox cages, per animal) per day 1.403

Hamster (shoebox cages, per animal) per day 0.919

Mouse (conventional, per cage) per day 0.330

Mouse (barrier/quarantine, per cage) per day 0.872

Pigeon per day 0.641

Rabbit per day 1.671

Rat (barrier/quarantine, per cage) per day 1.133

Rat (conventional, per animal) per day 0.351

Swine, miniature per day 5.252

Non-UWM Users

All species per day varies

Special Services

Tech Time, Level 1 per hour $26.25

Tech Time, Level 2 per hour $13.03

Tech Time, Level 3 per hour $9.50

Rodent Weaning per cage $5.80

Note 1: Species or housing arrangements not noted above - rates to be determined by time studies

Note 2: Animal Resource Center staff do not perform surgeries or animal manipulations. PI's must arrange for these services separately. Please contact ARC staff for guidance: 414-229-6016 or 414-229-2905

Note 3: PI's must check with ARC staff in advance for availibility and use of limited core facilities and caging. Unless special arrangements are made, PI's must plan to provide their own caging, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, etc.