University Safety and Assurances

Transporting Hazardous Materials Safely

To ensure safe handling, everyone needs to be able to recognize hazardous material because spills happen, and people need to be prepared to respond to them properly and we all want hazardous material to be shipped safely and legally.

Training Requirements

Each hazmat employee must be initially trained, and periodically retrained at least every three years in three areas:

  1. "General Awareness/ Familiarization Training" designed to provide familiarity with requirements of the Hazardous Materaials Regulations (HMR) and to enable the employee to recognize and identify hazardous materials;
  2. "Function-Specific Training" concerning requirements of the HMR which are specifically applicable to the functions the employee performs;
  3. "Safety Training" concerning emergency response information, measures to protect the employee from the hazards posed by materials, and methods and procedures for avoiding accidents.
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