University Safety and Assurances

Data Security (UITS)

Researchers play a vital role in assuring the security and privacy of University data.
The UITS Information Security office is here to provide you with these services and information.

Services Offered:
Risk Assessment Service
Information Security has an established process for performing risk assessments. This service is free of charge. This provides the researcher with a holistic look at their security risks and works with you to develop common sense, affordable remedies for unacceptable risks.

Free computer security scanning service.
The Information Security office can set up an automated periodic scan of any of your research computers to ensure that you are aware of any security issues that may be visible to others on the internet. This utilizes an industry leading scanning product “Nexpose” by Rapid 7 LLC. There is no cost for this service.

Information Security Awareness Training
One of the most effective ways to improve security in your research is to ensure that you and your staff are trained on the most current threats to data privacy and security. Information Security provides regularly scheduled training classes on various security topics and is available for customized training programs.

Information Security Compliance Assistance
Information Security is available to help you in your security compliance efforts. More and more we find that information security standards are mandated by partner agencies, both public and private. Our office has worked with numerous campus researchers to meet compliance needs and to develop affordable common sense security practices. We are familiar with Department of Education standards, Export Control, HIPAA and FERPA information security standards just to name a few.  

Information Security Web Portal
Our website contains a wealth information security information including links to applicable policies, up to date security standards, security tools (including free anti-virus software) and the latest security news and alerts which affect the UWM community.