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Affiliation Agreements & Caregiver Background Checks

An Affilation Agreement is a formal contract between UW-Milwaukee and the placement agency (this is a non-UW-Milwaukee institution or business where the student(s) will have the experience). It identifies the responsibilities and liabilities of the various parties covered by the contract. Students engaged in these placements are not paid and the experience is required for graduation. UW-Milwaukee does not require Affiliation Agreements. These contracts are signed by the agency and the Director of University Safety and Assurances not the Dean of a College or Departmental Personnel.

There are two types of placements, Clinical and Field. A Clinical placement is in a hospital or medical setting. A Field placement is everything non-Clinical. Please note: Clinical placements and schools require Caregiver Background checks. A Uniform Affiliation Agreement template for student placements is found below as well as the Caregiver Affiliation Agreement Addendum and Affiliation Agreement checklist. This checklist must be submitted with the Affiliation Agreement to the Risk Management Office for signature.

 A Program Memorandum is a document that describes the placement of the student(s). It specifies the course content, the expectations of the student and the agency and may include special requirements. These documents are signed by the Dean and the Placement Coordinator. Questions regarding Program Memoranda should be directed to the Legal Affairs Office.

 Departmental placement coordinators are the main contacts with the placement agencies. Please go to the "Tips for Placement Coordinators" for additional information regarding the process of establishing an Affiliation Agreement.

Tips for Placement Coordinators

The following states stipulate Worker’s Compensation coverage for student experiences requiring affiliation agreements:

California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado

UWM students who plan to do internships, practicums or clinical placements in these states will need to obtain a separate workers compensation insurance policy. The cost of this policy will be the responsibility of the student or Department. Contact the Risk Management office for additional information.

  • Wisconsin Statutes

    • 893.82: Claims against state employes; notice of claim; limitation of damages

    • 895.46: State and political subdivisions thereof to pay judgements taken against officers

Caregiver Background Check Information for Staff and Students

Please direct any Affiliation Agreement or Risk Management Questions to:

Risk Management Office

University Safety & Assurances
Engelmann Hall, Room 270
Office Phone: 229-6339
Office Fax: 229-6729