University Safety and Assurances

Affiliation Agreement Definitions

Affiliation Agreement

This document contains the primary terms to which the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin on behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the cooperating agency (affiliate) have agreed. The language in this document carries the approvals of the State of Wisconsin Attorney General's Office, State Risk Management, and System Risk Management.

Program Memorandum

The Program Memorandum is the document issued by the department which details the specific requirements of the academic program. The Program Memorandum does not contain any reference to liability, indemnification, or insurance protection. These items are contained in the Affiliation Agreement. The Program Memorandum is a statement of agreement between the affiliate's coordinator and the dean of the school or college involved.

Affiliation Agreement Lists

The Affiliation Agreement Lists are listings of (1) affiliates with which an Affiliation Agreement is currently in effect, and (2) a list of all affiliates from whom we have requested an agreement. The lists are updated and maintained by the Department of University Safety and Assurances.


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