University Safety and Assurances

Tips for Placement Coordinators

When negotiating educational affiliations for clinical or field work placements, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • UWM has insurance coverage through the State of Wisconsin's Self-funded Property and Liability Program.
  • Affiliation agreements are a formalization of the state statuatory coverages.
  • The State's insurance coverage is always EXCESS to any other applicable coverage.
  • Affiliation agreements are not necessary between departments on-campus or between other state agencies.
  • Placements can and do occur successfully without an affiliation agreement (ie., a written agreement is not mandatory UNLESS the student will have access to patient/client records at the facility/agency).
  • Placement coordinators send an initial UWM Affiliation Agreement to an affiliate.  We recommend that coordinators use the samples provided.
  • Students should be referred to the Memorandum to Students for a brief description of the type of insurance coverage (professional liability coverage only) that is provided to them by the University.
  • The University does not provide students with medical coverage--this includes any injuries going to, coming from or at a placement; in addition, there is no coverage for personal property taken to a placement by the student which may be lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Placement coordinators are responsible for sending out the Affiliation Agreement and Program Memorandum; the Program Memorandum is a document separate and distinct from the affiliation agreement.
  • Only the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs and the Director of University Safety & Assurances have the authority to sign affiliation agreements with outside agencies -- all agreements must be forwarded to our office for final review and signature. Send the UWM Affiliation Agreement Checklist with the Affiliation Agreement.
  • Students must request placements through their program placement coordinator.
  • If the Agency/Affiliate requires the use of their own agreement, the placement coordinator will review it and, if unable to negotiate terms, will forward it to the office of Legal Affairs for review of Legal matters and to Risk Management for insurance language advice. 
  • When the final copy of the agreement is returned to the placement coordinator, he/she will provide a copy of the signed agreement to the Risk Management office.

Froedtert Hospital has requested that all Placement Coordinators and students being placed in a program at Froedtert Hospital read their HIPAA handbook. .pdf format, Adobe Acrobat required


Please Direct any Questions Regarding Affiliation Agreements, Field Work Placement or Risk Management to:

Risk Manager
University Safety & Assurances
Engelmann Hall, Room 270
Office Phone: 229-6339
Office Fax: 229-6729