University Safety and Assurances

Motor Vehicle Accident Tips

  1. If driving a State-Owned vehicle, check the glove box for the "Vehicle Incidents Kit" and refer to section 3 below.
  2. If driving a rented/leased vehicle take a copy of these instructions with you when you travel.
  3. In case of an accident do the following:
    • Stop immediately. Remain calm and be courteous.

    • Turn on your Emergency Flashers.
    • Send for help, don't go yourself. If you don't have a cell phone, have someone call the police (and request medical help, if necessary).
    • Give reasonable help to injured. CAUTION: Movement of injured persons should not be undertaken if it is likely to cause further injury.
    • Contact your supervisor and the Campus Risk Manager at x5079 as soon as practical to report the accident.
    • Record all the facts on the "Vehicle Accident Report" and submit a completed and signed copy to your supervisor within 24 hours of the accident.
    • Remember to Record:

      • Vehicles - Description, License Numbers, Insurers
      • Witnesses - Names & Addresses (Use the witness card in the "Vehicles Incident Kit" in the glove box of state-owned vehicles.)
      • It is extremely important to accurately complete the diagram that is included on the Vehicle Accident/Incident Report.

        Be sure to indicate the names of streets, the direction of travel of your vehicle and any other vehicles involved in the incident, the position of vehicles and the exact point of contact.

        Use a solid line to show path of travel before the accident and a dotted line to show path after the accident.

  4. Do not make a statement of any kind to anyone other than the police or a representative of the State of Wisconsin.


IMPORTANT: If the other vehicle was damaged, the possibility of injury exists, or if anyone is seriously injured or a death occurs, immediately contact:

Risk Manager
Engelmann Hall, Room 270
Office Number: 750-4699 or 229-6339
Fax Number:  229-6729

If after hours or on the weekend contact the University Police at their non-emergency phone number: 229-4627. The University Police will notify the Risk Manager.