University Safety and Assurances

Camps and Clinics and Special Events Insurance

Camps and Clinics

If your son, daughter or ward will be under the age of 18 while at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, it is camp policy to secure your consent for medication distribution and for the use of medical devices. The medication or medical device can be self-administered or be administered by the Camp Health Supervisor.

All medications must be in a medicine bottle and labeled with the camper's name, doctor's name and phone number, medication name, and dosage. You must also complete the form below:

The following form should be completed by the parent or guardian of a camp or clinic participant in the event of an accident or injury:

This link provides a detailed explanation of the University of Wisconsin System Camps and Clinics Blanket Accident Insurance and the procedures which campus coordinators should follow when using this program.

Specifically, be aware of Part IV. Procedures, Section I., which states, “The Department of Health Services has developed legislative language to govern Recreational and Educational Camps under Chapter DHS 175. UW System Risk Management has negotiated variances to parts of these requirements that are outlined in Appendix A. The variances were granted based on a collective process between UW System campuses and the Department of Health and Family Services. Changes to these variances or the recommendation of other variances must be cleared with the System RM due to liability concerns. The campus, by written protocol, shall keep available the required list under subsection (2) for each campus and be centrally maintained by the campus to meet the requirements of HFS175. These protocols are to be made available to the licensing authority upon request.”

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Criminal Background Check Policy

In accordance with UWM’s Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Executive Order #54, “Criminal background checks will be performed pursuant to UWM’s Criminal Background Check Policy (S-14.5), and must be conducted on employees, volunteers, and contractors who have regular contact with children in the course of performing duties or services for UWM or in connection with a UWM-sponsored activity.” This policy applies to those individuals affiliated with UWM camps and clinics. Click on the links above to view the two policies.

Two-Deep Policy (Advisory)

A "Two Deep Policy" is highly recommended in all cases where minors are involved in activities at UWM or affiliated with UWM functions.  This advisory policy is intended to protect the adults that are in contact with children.  Contact the Risk Management for more information on this advisory policy. 

Special Events

If you're planning an event and your group needs or desires liability protection to protect your members from the financial risk of claims being made against them, the University now has a special events liability program available. [For example, if your group wants to sponsor an event such as a dance or a concert, you can now protect your organization against claims that the event caused an injury or property damage.] There is a charge based on the type of event, the number of days and the anticipated attendance. For more information, contact the Risk Management Office at 229-6339.

The following is a brochure / form designed for Student Organizations and groups using university property for special events. (Includes Application):

Special Events Insurance pdf format, Adobe Acrobat Required

For any Risk Management Questions, Please Contact:

Engelmann Hall, Room 270

Office Phone: 750-4699


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