University Safety and Assurances

Risk Management Information for Students

The following information should answer many questions for students relating to health insurance, accidents, liability and automobiles.

Student Health

The UWM Norris Health Center (NHC) is available to students and focuses on providing primary medical and nursing care, mental health services and preventive care.

Unfortunately, illness, injuries or other problems may not always occur during the hours when the Norris Health Center is open, Monday - Thursday 8 AM to 4:45 PM; Friday 9:00 AM - 4:45 PM. Nor does NHS cover the cost of services provided outside their facilities. It is strongly recommended that all students have health insurance that includes emergency room and hospitalization coverage. The UWM Student Association offers a Student Health Insurance Plan which covers most major medical illnesses or injuries.

Brochures which describe both Norris Health Center services, as well as the Student Health Insurance Plan are available at many locations on campus. Please consult these brochures or the Norris Health Center directly for more information.

Accidents or Injuries

If you or a friend are hurt on campus (to and from classes, in a classroom or lab, or off campus, i.e. fieldtrip, research site, etc.) you may seek help in a variety of ways:

  • If you are mobile and can get to the Norris Health Center during their regular office hours, you may seek help from them.
  • In the event the Norris Health Center is closed (see hours of operation), you need to visit a facility specified by your health insurance plan. You are responsible for services obtained outside of Norris Health Center. For additional information please refer to the Emergency/After Hours Care section of the Norris Health Center website.
  • In the case of serious and or life threatening injury, University Police should be called without hesitation (9-911 from any campus phone, 229-9911 from a cell phone). They will immediately dispatch trained emergency personnel.

The University does not provide blanket medical coverage to students. Students are strongly encouraged to secure their own health insurance, either through their parents, the Student Health Insurance Plan or some other program.

Working Alone Safely

Because of the nature of the university environment, it is often necessary for students to be alone in campus buildings after the regularly scheduled closure times for either special projects or ongoing work. Working alone in certain circumstances or environments requires special arrangements to minimize potential risks of injury.

The University of Wisconsin System Office of Safety and Loss Prevention has developed guidelines to address these issues. The guidelines focus on unpaid students who are not covered by worker’s compensation and are meant to promote safety for students working on academic or service-oriented projects associated with the university on and off campus. See guidelines at Working Alone.

Driving for the University

You may be asked to drive a University vehicle for your department or because of employment on campus. Students who need to drive for the University need to complete a Driver Authorization form..pdf format, Adobe Acrobat required(Note: this form can be completed on-line and printed from your computer) The properly and fully completed form (including departmental code and supervisor's signature) should be forwarded to the Risk Management Office in Engelmann Hall, Room 270, via campus mail.

Upon receipt, we will review your driving record and, if acceptable, we will sign the Driver Authorization form and return an approved copy to your supervisor. Students who might be asked to drive a 12/15 passenger van will be required to take a special van driver training course and must be over the age of 24.


The University does not provide blanket medical coverage to students or other visitors to the campus. However, should an injury or property damage occur which is the result of the negligence of a University employee, a claim can be filed against the University. If you have suffered financial loss because of such an incident, contact the Risk Management Office at 229-6339.

Additionally, if you become a University student employee, the State's coverage will extend liability protection to you for your work-related negligent acts which may cause injury or property damage to others.

Special Events Liability Insurance

If you're planning an event and your group needs or desires liability protection to protect your members from the financial risk of claims being made against them, the University now has a special events liability program available. [For example, if your group wants to sponsor an event such as a dance or a concert, you can now protect your organization against claims that the event caused an injury or property damage.] There is a charge based on the type of event, the number of days and the anticipated attendance. For more information, contact the Risk Management Office at 229-6339.

Download the Special Events Insurance Brochure  pdf format, Adobe Acrobat Required

Student Organizations

See UW System Risk Management Manual section of Student Organizations.

For any Risk Management Questions, Please Contact:

University Safety and Assurances
Engelmann Hall, Room 270
Office Phone: 229-5079 or 229-3805
Office Fax:   229-6729