University Safety and Assurances

Top 10 Reasons to Contact Risk Management

  1. You require authorization to drive a vehicle related to your UWM employment.
  2. You need to file an insurance claim for property damage; theft; bodily injury or 3rd party liability (includes artwork losses; water, fire and lightning damage to property).
  3. You organize a camp or clinic that is associated with UWM (Camps and Clinics insurance; Waivers; Accident Claim Forms; Consent for Medication/Medical Treatment/Health History).
  4. You are planning to have a special event of any type (student activities; departmental activities), if additional insurance coverage procurement is needed.
  5. You require liability waiver forms of any type (i.e. field trips; lab volunteers; visiting scholars; special events, etc.).
  6. You need to borrow an item from others or loan an item to another entity and require a contract which sets forth terms and limitations (i.e. Art Loan Agreement, Borrowed Items Request for Coverage).
  7. You require proof of professional liability coverage because a UWM faculty or staff member is providing services (Agent Liability Letter), and to extend coverage for volunteers working at UWM.
  8. You remove UWM property from UWM premises.
  9. You ship items with high values (values over $1,000 should be listed; items valued at $100,000 or more require specific notification).
  10. You need insurance coverage on materials you return to vendors.