University Safety and Assurances

Asbestos Abatement, Building Remodeling and Construction and Refuse Transportation and Disposal Insurance Requirements

The following specific insurance limits apply to all high risk vendors doing business with the State of Wisconsin. ALL policies must be issued with a 60-day cancellation notice, by the insurance company licensed to do business in the State of Wisconsin, with a minimum AM Best rating of "A-" and signed by an authorized agent.

Coverage Type

Minimum Limit

Worker's Compensation
Commercial General Liability
General Aggregate & Products Liability
Each Occurance
Automobile Liability
Combined Single Limit $1,000,000
Contractor's Pollution Liability Insurance (With one year extended reporting period.)
Each Occurence
Additonal Insured Provision:
The contractor shall add the, "Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, its officers, employees, and agents" as an additional insured under the commercial general and contractor's pollution liability policies.

In addition to these coverages the contract must contain all of the clauses listed under the Special Terms and Conditions for the UW System.

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