University Safety and Assurances

Facilities Use Policy for Art Department Studios and Classrooms

In order to provide a safe and secure working environment for students, faculty, and staff, the following facility use policy will govern all Art Department studio and classroom facilities and the use of equipment and supplies.

  1. In compliance with university policy, only qualified students, staff, and faculty may use Art Department studio and classroom facilities and their corresponding equipment and supplies. Students must be officially registered as a university student in good standing; staff and faculty must be officially employed by the university.
  2. In compliance with university policy, no facilities or university equipment may be used directly for the generation of private profit or any other benefit outside of the educational mission of the university without prior official approval.
  3. Facility use policy regarding access, schedule, and specific operation guidelines for classroom studios will be set by the area faculty of that supervising area. Area faculty and qualified facility supervisors should be informed about which students are qualified to use a studio facility and its equipment.
  4. Facility use policies for specific areas and classes will be included in course syllabi or as a supplemental handout distributed to all enrolled and other qualified users. These policies will be posted in all studio classroom Facilities.
  5. If students are required to use potentially dangerous equipment, materials, or tools, they will be properly instructed in their operation. Successful completion of department coursework by the student constitutes proper instruction in the use of such equipment. The department faculty should make sure the student user understands and agrees to the facility and equipment in accordance with the supervising area guidelines and safe use policies, university policies regarding drug and alcohol policies, and is responsible for damage or loss of equipment during their time of use.
  6. Access to and use of facilities and equipment must be supervised during regularly scheduled class periods by a faculty member or other qualified supervisor. All designated supervisors should be familiar with the facility use policy of that studio, properly trained and familiar with all emergency and notification procedures regarding that facility, equipment, and supplies. Emergency and notification procedures must be posted in all equipment and tool intensive areas. Unsupervised and open access to any facilities will be allowed only on a case-by-case basis with prior written approval from a supervising faculty. This prior written approval must document the user, facility, dates of use, and reason, and must be accompanied by a completed release form. A copy of the written approval should be kept by the user and the supervising faculty member.
  7. The official end date of a term, and during official term breaks and holidays must comply to the facility use policy procedures. In most cases, undergraduate degree students should have access to facilities only after the start of classes and only until the official exam time for their classes. Special and graduate students must have prior written approval.
  8. Supervisors will be trained by faculty. Supervisors will observe, enforce, and report violations and suspected violations of the department or university facility use policies immediately to the supervising faculty, head and department chair.

(Approved by the Art Department, Feb. 12, 1998)