University Safety and Assurances

Minors in Laboratories, Studios and Shops

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee restricts minors from laboratories, studios, shops and other campus areas where physical, chemical, biological or other potential health hazards are present. Minors must be kept away from any area with a known hazardous condition. Babies and infants must be protected from any area with even a potential exposure or hazardous condition. Minors must be restricted from areas that store or use research animals, hazardous chemicals, radioisotopes, carcinogens, or biohazardous agents.

Please contact University Safety and Assurances with any questions.

Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Criminal Background Check Policy

In accordance with UWM’s Child Abuse and Neglect Policy and Executive Order #54, “Criminal background checks will be performed pursuant to UWM’s Criminal Background Check Policy, and must be conducted on employees, volunteers, and contractors who have regular contact with children in the course of performing duties or services for UWM or in connection with a UWM-sponsored activity.” This policy applies to those individuals affiliated with UWM.  Click on the links above to access the two policies and for more info and training.


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