University Safety and Assurances

Lab Safety Inspections

Lab inspections are a tool used to educate researchers on safe operating practices and compliance measures as well as to perform hazard assessments -- all in an effort to grow the safety culture in laboratories. Lab inspections are conducted by the Lab Safety Manager and/or Safety Committee as either a part of the Group Safety Representative Program (see description below) and/ or as a hazard assessment by the Lab Safety Manager. Principal Investigators and lab supervisors are responsible to perform periodic lab inspections and develop corrective action plans in response to all inspections. The Lab Safety Manager will conduct inspections for laboratories containing chemicals, the Biosafety Officer will conduct inspections for those laboratories using bio-hazardous agents and the Radiation Safety Officer will conduct inspections for laboratories utilizing radioisotopes.

Group Safety Representative Program

Goal: The program strives to raise awareness of safety in the laboratory or shop setting and identify where improvements can be made so as to make the laboratory or shop environment safer and achieve compliance.

Group Safety Representative Responsibilities

The Group Safety Representatives (GSRs) will:
  • Advise and assist their laboratory or shop supervisors in:
    • Training new personnel
    • Disseminating safety information
    • Conducting inspections of their group's laboratories or shops
    • Inspecting and ensuring the maintenance of group safety equipment (spill containment kits, fire extinguishers, safety showers, and eyewash facilities)
  • Be responsible for assisting the PI or laboratory supervisor in:
    • Addressing safety and chemical hygiene issues
    • Evaluating and making recommendations of safety issues that concern the entire department
    • Participating in periodic safety inspections of department laboratories or shops
    • Investigating accidents and implementing improvements to the laboratory operations identified as post-accident assessment recommendations.