University Safety and Assurances

Ordering Laser Safety Signs

Warning signs and labels are used to alert workers. Placarding of potentially hazardous areas should be accomplished for Class 3b and Class 4 lasers. Appropriate warning labels shall be affixed permanently to all Class 2, 3, and 4 lasers and laser systems. Class 2 and 3a usually use CAUTION signs/labels while Class 3b and 4 use DANGER signs/labels. NOTICE signs must be posted when doing alignment or maintenance on Class 3b and 4 lasers.

The Department of University Safety & Assurances will obtain the necessary signs for your work area. Please complete the form below and specify which sign(s) and how many of each you will need.

Sample Danger Sign: A Danger sign can be created to address the specific hazards for the laser you will be using. Sample Laser Sign

Laser Repair Sign Laser Repair Sign: Door sign to indicate laser alignment/maintenance

Laser Caution Sign Caution Sign: ANSI sign to mark doors to laser labs with Class 3a lasers

Laser Danger Sign Danger Sign: ANSI sign to mark doors to laser labs with Class 3b lasers.

If you know the laser type, class of laser and appropriate precautionary information (emitted wavelength, pulse duration and maximum output) you can add it to this blank sign. Otherwise, our office will incorporate the precautionary instructions or information on appropriate protective action based upon information you provide.