University Safety and Assurances

Medical Assistance and First Aid


Call for Medical Assistance:     9-911 from any Campus Phone or 414-229-9911 from a Cell Phone

  1. If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, immediately dial 9-911 from any campus phone or 414-229-9911 from a cell phone for medical assistance. Give your name, describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the campus location of the victim. Do not hang up unless released by the emergency operator.
    1. If the victim is conscious and oriented, the individual has the right to determine his/her own health care needs and the response to those needs. Under such circumstances, university staff should refrain from recommending specific health care vendors.

    2. In circumstances involving a person who is unconscious and/or disoriented, calling the University Police is the appropriate response.
  2. Keep the victim still and comfortable until help arrives. Do not move the victim.
  3. In case of a minor injury or illness, students may go to the University Health and Counseling Service or have trained persons provide appropriate first aid.
  4. First Aid and CPR training is available through many agencies including the local American Red Cross.
  5. Persons with serious or unusual medical problems should be encouraged to notify their supervisors or instructors of the medical problem and the standard emergency treatment related to that problem.