University Safety and Assurances

Elevator Malfunction

Sign Indicating Procedures in the event of Elevator Malfunction

In case of an elevator malfunction, contact the University Police at 9-911 on a campus phone or at 229-9911 on a cell phone. The police will send an officer to the scene and will contact Facility Services for assistance. To ensure the safety of all, only trained elevator technicians should perform repairs to elevators or attempt to rescue any trapped passengers. UWM elevator technicians can generally respond to most elevator malfunctions within 20 minutes. If faster response is needed, University Police may contact the Milwaukee Fire Department.


In case someone is trapped in an elevator:

  • Staff should attempt to locate the elevator car and communicate with passengers by any means available, including yelling through the closed shaft doorways if necessary. Ensure the passengers that they are safe in the car, ask them to remain calm and inform them that help is on the way.
  • Insist that the passenger(s) remain in the car until an experienced elevator technician is called to the scene. Passengers should not attempt to use access panels for escape as the elevator may unexpectedly resume operation, which could cause serious injury or worse.
  • Check all floors to visually verify that all of the shaft doors are closed.
  • If a shaft door is found open, do not attempt to close it.
  • Keep all others away from an open shaft door until an elevator technician arrives.
  • Identify the building and if the building contains multiple elevators, identify the specific elevator number or elevator location (if in a bank of elevators).
  • Locate the floor position of the elevator.
  • Report the status of the elevator:

    Example: "Enderis Hall, elevator #2, 5th floor, the doors are open, the elevator is 6" above the floor" to the University Police. The Department of Facility Services Trouble Hotline may also be called at 229-4742 during regular business hours (7:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M).

  • The Department of Facility Services sponsors periodic elevator training for the University Police Department and for the Milwaukee Fire Department.