University Safety and Assurances

Emergency Evacuation

Classroom Emergency Procedures Sign

During certain emergency conditions, it may be necessary to evacuate a building. Examples of such occasions include: smoke/fire, gas leak, bomb threat or chemical spill.

Room specific "Classroom Emergency Procedures" are posted in all general assignment classrooms on campus. These signs provide information on how to contact emergency responders. They also include the specific building address and room number and list actions to follow in the event of any type of emergency occurring in the classroom -- medical, fire, power outage or tornado warning.  In larger classrooms (50 person capacity or greater), an emergency procedures card is available at the lectern. These procedures are especially important for students who move from building to building throughout the day and may not be familiar with evacuation routes and shelter areas for the various buildings in which they have classes.

The Department of University Safety and Assurances has also posted updated Emergency Evacuation Floor Plans in all of the campus buildings. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the evacuation plans for the building in which you work and those buildings you frequent. If you notice that your Emergency Evacuation Floor Plan is missing or if you need a "Classroom Emergency Procedures" sign, please contact University Safety and Assurances at 229-6339 so that we can replace a missing plan or print one for you.  Evacuation Floor Plans can also be found by clicking here.  For security purposes, you will need to provide your Panther ID and password to view these plans

Emergency Evacuation Map

For individuals with disabilities, please refer to the Evacuation of Persons With Disabilities webpage.

In addition, the Department of University Safety and Assurances asks that once occupants have exited, they should move at least 100 feet away from the building. Also, those evacuating should stay out of the way of responding emergency personnel vehicles, fire lanes, fire hydrants and equipment staging areas.

If there is a need for evacuation of your building, move calmly to the exits and remain at a distance until the "All Clear" has been given.