University Safety and Assurances

Food Service Guidelines / Swimming Pool Operation and Sanitation

Food Stand

UWM Dining Services:

Questions, comments, or concerns regarding food safety and sanitation at UWM food service outlets should be addressed to UWM Restaurant Operations. The Department of University Safety & Assurances does not regulate UWM Restaurant Operations' food service operations. Rather, this is accomplished by the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

Applicable Regulations: DHS 196 State Restaurant Code and Appendix (Wisconsin Department of Health Services [DHS] Food Code).

Regulatory Agency: City of Milwaukee Health Department-Consumer Environmental Health (agent for DHS)


According to the UWM Policy on Catering for Campus Events ("Selected Academic and Administrative Policies", #S-10.25 dated February 5, 1998) all food served on campus at events sponsored by university offices or departments must be stored, prepared, served and disposed of in accordance with health and safety standards established by the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin.

Catering for events held on University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee controlled-property is available through UWM Dining Services.

Outside caterers may be used if:

  • They are appropriately licensed by all applicable governmental authorities (e.g., City of Milwaukee or other DHS agent-health department);
  • They are able to provide a "Certificate of Insurance" that meets all UW-System insurance requirements;
  • State purchasing guidelines are followed if university funds are being used;
  • UWM guidelines for service of alcoholic beverages are strictly followed; and,
  • The university sponsor makes arrangements for safe and sanitary disposal of food refuse.
  • Please keep in mind that home-cooked foods are prohibited; all foods must be from a licensed caterer/restaurant.

The current list of Approved Caterers is available on the Purchasing Office website.

Temporary Food Stands:

  • Student organizations wishing to set up a temporary food stand or food sale in areas other than the UWM Union, should contact the Student Organization Advising and Resources Office (SOAR) x5780. SOAR and Auxilliary Services have specific guidelines regarding health and safety standards and these guidelines are attached to each permit issued to a student organization.
  • Outside organizations using UWM facilities are limited in regard to the type and extent of food service which they may provide. In general, food service will be limited to pre-packaged non-perishable items (e.g., candy bars, canned soda, etc.) or as stipulated by the City of Milwaukee Health Department document Temporary Food Stands-Guidelines for Food Vendors. The sale of home-cooked foods is prohibited.
  • Departments and student organizations must obtain a permit from the Director of Facility Services before the use of fire or barbeque grills on UWM property, per UW-System Policy 18.06(11)(a)
  • Single day food sales to be held in the UWM Union must be coordinated through the Union Reservations and Event Planning Office (x5517 or 4828).

Guidelines and Applicable Regulations:

Klotsche Center Swimming Pools:

Questions, comments or concerns regarding pool safety and sanitation at the UWM Klotsche Center and Pavilion Pools should be addressed to the Department of Recreational Sports and Facilities. The Department of University Safety & Assurances does not regulate UWM swimming pool operations. Rather, this is accomplished by the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

Applicable Regulations:

Regulatory Agency: City of Milwaukee Health Department: Environmental Health and Nuisance Control Sections

Foodborne and Waterborne Disease Outbreak Contingency Plan:

Food or waterborne disease investigations are performed by the City of Milwaukee Health Department.