University Safety and Assurances

Guide to the Safe use of Radionuclides at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Section 16:   Posting and Labeling Requirements

The Radiation Safety Program will provide laboratories with signs and notices appropriate for each facility.

16.1 Signs and Notices

  1. Appropriate "Caution Radioactive Materials" signs will be posted at each entrance to a radionuclide laboratory or radiation facility.
  2. Signage indicating “No Eating, Drinking, or Smoking” will also be posted at each facility entrance.
  3. The names and telephone numbers of persons who can provide assistance or answer questions regarding radiation safety must be posted.
  4. NRC Form 3, "Notice to the Employees" and the "Notice to Workers", will also be posted in conspicuous locations in each building where radioactivity is used. This notice informs radiation workers and others where copies of the UWM NRC license and related documents may be viewed.

16.2 Container Labeling

radiation symbol

Authorized Users are responsible for ensuring the proper labeling of all containers of radioactive materials in their possession, including radioactive waste.

  1. For each container of radioactive material, a durable and easily visible label must be affixed clearly identifying the radioactive material contents. The label must contain the radiation symbol, the words "Caution Radioactive Material”, the activity of the material, the identity of the radionuclide, and the date for which the activity level was determined.
  2. For containers too small to label (e.g., microfuge tubes) the rack or holder may be labeled or the use of the radiation symbol only may be used as the label.
  3. A single label may be used to label a group of tubes or vials.