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Welcome to the UWM 2009 Solar Decathlon Meltwater house. Students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin Milwuakee (UWM), have, in addition to the goals of the Solar Decathlon competition, the objective to develop interdisciplinary processes that reduces energy demands in buildings through thoughtful, integrated design, thereby making renewable energy a feasible choice to supply the remaining demand, and leading towards a carbon neutral building. The analysis, construction, and post-occupancy evaluation are viewed as an integral part of a developing research, teaching, and public outreach agenda within the School of Architecture and Urban Planning and the College of Engineering and Applied Science. During the past academic year, these programs have been evolving interdisciplinary connections, focused on renewable energy, integrated high performance building systems, and carbon neutral design strategies. This website hopes to immerse you in the UWM 2009 Solar Decathlon Meltwater house.

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