Invest in The Future   “We did not simply inherit this world from our parents, we merely borrowed it from our children” -Datu Paglas
A married, baby boomer couple is looking to buy a new home close to their children and grandchildren, whom they love spending their time with. The couple knows the future of our planet belongs to these grandchildren, and thus is intent on making ecologically responsible decisions, however, they have heard that buying “green” can be an expensive and complicated process . The couple is financially secure, but fears they may not be around to see their investment pay itself off during their lifetime.   meltwater as ancillary unit
    A net-zero ancillary unit on the lot of their grown children would allow them to spend valuable time with their family, add value to their children’s property, while not negatively impacting the environment for future generations.
Current Trends    
Boomerang Parents: the number of parents moving back in with children over the past seven years has increased by more than 50%. Higher housing costs and the nation’s struggling economy are just a couple factors that could be causing this trend. Also, inter-generational househoulds are more common among the country’s growing number of immigrants.
boomerang parents chart
One of the babyboomers’ children owns a home in the Merrill Park neighborhood, and has children of their own. Both parents work full-time, and as a result, have a hard time juggling cooking, cleaning and childcare chores with enjoying themselves alone and as a family. The family decides that adding an ancillary unit to the back of the lot in Merrill Park would be a positive ecological and financial choice for both homeowners, and it would contribute to the well-being of the family.   picture of family living in Meltwater home
Enriching Lives    
The babyboomers’ children are happy with the addition of the ancillary unit, as the grandparents share duties with them such as cooking and childcare, giving them more free time to enjoy themselves alone and be with the family. The family will be able to see the home through to its 40 year pay-off period, and has the option of using the home as a teenage cottage, or possibly a rental unit in the future. Energy produced on site increases the value of their property and Wisconsin does not tax the property on value-added by energy producing components.    
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