Modular Benefits    

In addition to the other factors that make meltwater an energy efficient home, modular home building is an inherently sustainable process. Recycling processes in factories are far superior to those currently present in the field, and manufacturers are able to buy materials in bulk, reducing the shipments suppliers are required to make over the course of a year.

The construction of modular homes is also high in quality and efficient from both a monetary and time perspectives. Since modular homes are built in a quality-controlled environment, there is less of a chance that there will be expensive delays or damages due to weather, an aspect of construction that is prevalent in Wisconsin’s sometimes unpredictable climate. The craftsmen building the homes are skilled in the construction of this particular type of home and are able to use jigs and other tools that may not be available in the field to yield the highest quilaty product possible.

image of truck transporting module  
plan with modules indicated  
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