Target Market    
  Meltwater Site Bayview Milwaukee


Median Income- $42,954

Average Age Range- 38 years old

Average Assessed Residential Value- $129,415

eco bay proposed site  
  eco bay site

The district alderman has requested a proposal for development of the old army reserve site. The site, named Eco Bay, is welcomed by the Bay View community to increase density and provide a home for eco-conscious homeowners.

The ancillary units can be a positive addition to the neighborhood as they add density on an as-needed basis, yet retain the fabric of the Bay View neighborhood. As more people in Bay View follow this model, the neighborhood becomes safer as areas that typically are empty are filled with responsible adults.

Eco Bay, the first 100% solar development of its kind has been proposed for an old army reserve for the Bay View neighborhood.

Financial correlation between the site and the target market has been drawn, enabling the community to be able to support the cost and potential of the property.

Understanding the demographics of the neighborhood by looking at average age and income, the house would be marketed for both families and seniors.

eco bay proposal
  eco bay proposal axon
A family is looking to buy a new home that is going to both benefit their family and the environment. Adults, young and old, understand that the planet will belong to the generations to come, thus is intent on making ecologically responsible decisions, however, they may have heard that buying “green” can be an expensive and complicated process. A net-zero unit in the Bay View neighborhoods, would fulfill the needs of the family, as well as making an environmentally responsible choice. Energy produced onsite increases the value of their property and Wisconsin does not tax the property on valueadded by energy producing components. proposed solution of eco bay neighborhood utilizing meltwater housing

New and old families are happy to live a “greener” life. The Eco Bay development in Bay View is within walking distance to several forms of public transportation, including the proposed extension of the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee (KRM) rail line. The solar home will be just one of among many other solar homes. Owners of the solar home will be doing their part in contributing to living a greener lifestyle. Each unit will be configured to suit the needs of multi or single families. The development also requests units for seniors, who wish to live greenly independent.

Energy produced on-site increases the value of their property and Wisconsin does not tax the property on value-added by energy producing components. The development will also serve as an example for not only Milwaukee, but the entire country to follow.

proposed solution of eco bay neighborhood utilizing meltwater housing
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