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Meltwater means: earth-shaping strength.
The concept of the home is wedded to our region, as meltwater landforms makeup much of our recognizable landscape. Using nature as a model, the form of the roof signifies the carving away of the earth’s surface while the facade represents the layers of subsurface stratification. The sustainably harvested white pine from the Aldo Leopold Foundation forms the topographical facade sweeping across the front of the building, reminding us where the building and its makers come from, and our indelible ties to our region. The powerful change-of-state involved in melting the glaciers of the Wisconsin Glaciation Period provided the model for the homes many multi-functional components that adapt to the changing needs of its inhabitants. The form and potential of the home takes on the strength characterized by the natural process that reworked our regional landscape.
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Meltwater is:energy collection, release + reciprocity.
Using nature as a resource, Meltwater harnesses infinite solar power and fosters the collection of our finite freshwater supply. The distinct valley of the roof and the prominent placement of the photovoltaic panels communicate the value placed on these resources in the functioning of not only the home and our environment. Additionally, each material was carefully chosen with respect to the location of origin and quality in order to create a home that is both sustainable and has the ability to capture the essence of our region. Created of our region and for our region, Meltwater addresses the resources and needs specific to our place.

Meltwater is: a dynamic response.

In a time when high housing costs are coupled with unstable energy prices and individuals across the United States are struggling to retain their jobs and balance their ever-increasing workload, there is a world of potential in a self-sufficient ancillary home that has the ability to generate income. Many cultures across history have found value in multi-generational living and these benefits are accessible with the addition of an ancillary unit, without losing the independence valued by each household. Although Meltwater has the potential to function as a separate, singular unit, there are many socioeconomic benefits to be had from multi-generational living through the addition of ancillary units.
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