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Cheryl Ajirotutu
Associate Professor
Dept. of Anthropology &
Associate Director
Cultures & Communities Prog.
Phone: 414-229-2298/
Fax: 414-229-5848
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Monique Hassman
Project Assistant
Phone: 414-229-1159

Participating UWM Units

Future Particpants (in the planning stages):

We invite colleagues from across the University to develop courses using New Orleans as a base for an immersive field research or practicum experience. In addition to Anthropology, Architecture, Dance, Information Studies, and Social Work, discussions are under way in Nursing, Business, and the Center for Urban Initiatives and Research.

Besides identifying possible courses to take to New Orleans, these conversations also explore opportunities to engage the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward community in the collaborative identification of strategies UWM faculty, staff and students could implement to lead to improving the living conditions for the Ward's residents. As UWM aligns its curriculum to increase students' exposure to research, New Orleans represents a great opportunity to create a high-impact research experience that benefits both students and the city residents with whom they interact.

Past Particpants (2010-11):

Departments/Programs Schools/Colleges
Africology College of Letters & Science
Anthropology College of Letters & Science
Architecture School or Architecture & Urban Planning
Cultures & Communities College of Letters & Science
Dance Peck School of the Arts
Information Studies School of Information Studies
Social Work Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
Women's Studies
College of Letters & Science